Total Project Management

Cantak has been a reliable supplier of tubulars to the Canadian energy sector since 1953.

Our total project management services include:

  • Initial forecasting and collaboration with our customers and suppliers
  • Sourcing of material
  • Mill ordering
  • Scheduling and planning for any needed third-party services
  • Transportation and logistics to stocking locations
  • Verification, ratification of received material
  • Inventory management and monitoring
  • Release of material
  • Rig returns and inspection
  • Invoice and document control

Our technical services and value additions:

  • Coordination of mill visits and pre-production meetings
  • Manufacturing audits, threading surveillance
  • Mill certificate review
  • Manufacturing and Inspection Plan development

In addition, our technical experts are on call around the clock to support our customers.

Please note that at this time, Cantak is not offering professional engineering services.