1950 – 1959

After the end of the Second World War in 1945, trade between Japan and North America regained momentum. In 1950, import-export company C.T. Takahashi Inc., based in Seattle and Tokyo, opened a branch office in Canada. The office was managed by Roger Cheng of Vancouver, B.C.

By 1953, C. T. Takahashi Inc. had entered the pipe sector as the first business to import seamless Japanese OCTG into Canada. A key supplier to C.T. Takahashi Inc. in those early years was Tokyo-based NKK Corporation.

Japan’s first manufacturer of high-quality steel pipe, NKK was established in 1912. Now known as JFE, the company continues to be an important Cantak supplier.

1960 – 1980

C.T. Takahashi Inc. opened a Calgary office in 1960. The following year, Canadian branch manager Roger Cheng purchased a minority share in the company. Its legal name was changed to C.T. Takahashi & Co. Ltd.

Fifteen years later, in 1976, Cheng bought 100% ownership of the company, which had by then evolved to become Canadian Takahashi Ltd.

Roger Cheng’s son Allan, a University of B.C. graduate and chartered accountant, moved to Calgary in 1980 and began working at Canadian Takahashi.

1981 – Present

After being immersed in the business for eight years, Allan Cheng took on the presidency of Canadian Takahashi Ltd. in 1988.

Sadly, Roger Cheng passed away in 1990, but ownership of the company remained with the Cheng family.

In 1992, the company rebranded itself as Cantak Corporation. With an increasingly global approach to steel pipe supply, Cantak continues to be a Canadian market leader in tubular distribution.